Bobby and Ladoo currently in development

By on August 18, 2016

Bobby and Ladoo the Movie teaser imageWe’re pleased to announce that Bobby and Ladoo, a feature-length action comedy film, is currently in development!

This is a movie in the buddy-cop genre. “Bobby” is an Indian-American who doesn’t embrace his heritage. “Ladoo” is a Sikh convert, and good friends with Bobby and his family. They are detectives in a modern city. Together, the partners investigate a shooting that impacts the local Indian and Sikh community. As they get closer to solving the crime it becomes clear that Bobby must learn about himself before he can confront the shooter.

Our team is working on the screenplay. There is a great deal of work to be done, funding to be obtained, and so on. We don’t have a firm release date yet but we anticipate the movie will release in 2018.

To learn more, please visit the official website at

Bobby and Ladoo movie web site launches

By on August 18, 2016

cropped-Jump-First-Prod-Profile-Logo.jpgWelcome to the Bobby and Ladoo movie web site! This is the place to watch for news about the film project, see behind-the-scenes photos, and get to know the people behind the film (the writers and other principles)!

This site is just getting started. If you have a question or comment, let us know. Send the team a message!