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About the Movie
Some information and trivia about the film.

What Kind of Movie Is It?

Bobby and Ladoo is a feature-length, action comedy in the buddy-cop genre. We anticipate it will be rated PG-13 or R.

Is There A Release Date?

It's way too early for us to assign a release date to the film, but we're hoping to get it released in 2018.

Who's In It?

We just started the screenplay and, while we have ideas of who we'd like to be in the film, no one is cast yet.

Which Studio Will Distribute It?

Bobby and Ladoo is an independent film being produced by Jump First Productions. We have no distributor yet.

Where Will It Be Filmed?

We don't have all of the locations scouted yet but we anticipate much of the filming will be in the greater Sacramento area.

Can I Be In It?

Possibly. We might launch a crowdfunding campaign with one of the perks being a chance to be in the film.

What's It About?

It's about two cops and friends: Bobby is an Indian-American who doesn't embrace his heritage. Ladoo is a Sikh convert. They investigate a crime that impacts the local Sikh community.

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Roll Call
Meet some of the key people involved in the development of the movie.

Mark T. Arsenault

Executive Producer, Screenwriter

Bobby Uppal

Associate Producer, Screenwriter